Winning Against Relapse

Winning Against Relapse uses and enhances a powerful wellness tool, the Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP™). WRAP™ helps those who use it focus on wellness and wholeness instead of illness and sickness. For women who want to choose recovery, this program offers a structured system for monitoring uncomfortable or distressing symptoms, as well as unhealthy habits or behavior patterns. Through planned responses, WRAP™ helps to reduce, modify or eliminate those symptoms and/or create the life change you want. It also includes instructions on developing advanced directives that instructs others on how to make decisions for you and to take care of and support you when your symptoms have made it impossible for you to do this for your self.

 – Based on the work of Mary Ellen Copeland

In this 12-week Women’s Circle you will build a personal Wellness Recovery Action Plan as it applies to the goal of long-term recovery. As you learn how to monitor symptoms and respond to them in a way that reduces the possibility of relapse you take personal responsibility for how to get well, stay well and improve the quality of your life!

During this 12-week Women’s Circle you will:

  • Build Your Wellness Toolbox
  • Create Your Daily Maintenance Plan
  • Identify Triggers, Early Warning Signs and Signs of Potential Crisis
  • Develop a Crisis Plan
  • Establish a Nurturing Lifestyle
  • Set Up a Support System
  • Increase Your Self-Esteem
  • Learn to Relieve Tension & Stress           

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"Out beyond ideas of Wrongdoing and Rightdoing, there is a field. I'll meet you there."

– Rumi


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Recovery Happens Everyday with Voices of Recovery San Mateo County
Celebrate the people who recover and those who support them. I'm helping them spread the word that prevention works, treatment is effective and recovery is possible.
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She Recovers LA 2nd Annual Conference
September 14 – 15
Part celebration, part reunion and an important first foray into the land of sober sisterhood offers the opportunity to celebrate your wellness efforts and successes and pick up tools and ideas to aid in your recoovery journey. Register online:

Rock Sober Fest Weekend – San Geronimo Valley Community Center
SATURDAY, SUNDAY September 15 – 16
A special opportunity to celebrate life surrounded by a community of substance-free music fans.

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