Y12SR Yoga of 12-Step Recovery 4 Women

Y12SR classes are open to women with all levels of yoga experience and at all stages of recovery (minimum 24 hours clean time required).

From the preamble for the Y12SR (Yoga of 12 Step Recovery) meetings, this is what you will be invited to experience:

"Yoga of 12-Step Recovery 4 women is a twelve step based discussion and yoga practice open to anyone and everyone affected by the addictive behavior of others or dealing with their own addictive behavior. This is an open and inclusive group. All A's are welcome.

In this group we weave together the ancient wisdom of yoga and the practical tools of 12- step programs. We recognize that the “issues live in our tissues” and through our intentional, themed yoga practice, guided by our breath, we invoke the God of our understanding to help us release whatever is being held.

This group is no way a replacement for 12-Step meetings, a sponsor, or any other part of a 12-Step recovery program. It is an adjunct providing what we believe is another helpful tool in addressing the physical, mental and spiritual dis-ease of addiction.

Our sharing and practice are based in the 12-Steps. Just as the practices of yoga bring us into alignment, the 12 Steps bring us into right alignment with something greater than ourselves.”


Donationss collected are for the Yoga of 12-Step Recovery 4 Women (Y12SR) facilitator. The meeting space for this Y12SR group is provided as a community benenfit by the Peninsula Health Care District.

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