12-Step Facilitation

Brief Twelve Step Facilitation & Self Help Recovery

If you are noticing how your life is becoming increasingly unmanageable due to substance abuse and that your individual efforts have not proven effective in stopping or controlling use over the long run, it’s time to investigate BriefTSF.

Some people, for some reason, simply cannot stop their use of alcohol and/or other drugs by relying on individual willpower alone; instead, they have to come to terms with the need to abstain altogether and to seek support from others in making whatever changes are necessary to do so.

Defining the Brief-TSF processes

This model initially brings together three contributors who collaborate to achieve wellness and recovery in one of them.

  • The professional care contributor (Alcohol and Drug Counselor/Peer Facilitator)
  • The experiential contributor (Twelve Step Peer)            
  • The client contributor (the Expert on her Self)

Each of the three people collaborates in facilitating self help recovery for the client. Each brings to the process knowledge, experience, training, perceptions, goals and capabilities.

The client chooses what, when, and how they can use information from each of the providers. This is true Self help within a paradigm of mutual help.

Additionally, the client is supported in seeking professional treatment/therapy for other issues if needed.

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Recovery Happens Everyday with Voices of Recovery San Mateo County
Celebrate the people who recover and those who support them. I'm helping them spread the word that prevention works, treatment is effective and recovery is possible.
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She Recovers LA 2nd Annual Conference
September 14 – 15
Part celebration, part reunion and an important first foray into the land of sober sisterhood offers the opportunity to celebrate your wellness efforts and successes and pick up tools and ideas to aid in your recoovery journey. Register online: www.sherecovers.co/la-event

Rock Sober Fest Weekend – San Geronimo Valley Community Center
SATURDAY, SUNDAY September 15 – 16
A special opportunity to celebrate life surrounded by a community of substance-free music fans.

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